Whether you are planning on developing your site for residential, industrial, commercial, tourism or recreational purposes, Accendo Australia can assist in identifying your opportunities and constraints, preparing management plans and obtaining the required environmental approvals.

We can provide the following services for your development:

Due Diligence Assessments

  • Pre-acquisition assessment
  • Environmental and planning regulatory compliance evaluations
  • Opportunities and constraints analysis

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Formal environmental impact assessment
  • Environmental assessment to support rezoning and subdivision applications
  • Environmental assessment to support strategic planning

Environmental Management Plans

  • Management plans for the clearance of conditions of planning approval
  • Construction management plans
  • Mitigation and offset management plans
  • Biological management plans

Regulatory Approvals and Compliance

  • Department of Environment and Conservation licences, licence renewals and works approvals
  • State and Federal environmental referrals
  • Annual Environmental Reporting
  • Environmental monitoring

Biological Surveys

  • Level 1/Level 2 fauna surveys
  • Level 1/Level 2 flora and vegetation surveys

Aboriginal Heritage

  • Archaeological and ethnographic surveys
  • Section 18 applications
  • Aboriginal heritage management plans

Contaminated Land and Acid Sulfate Soil Investigations

  • Preliminary and detailed site investigations
  • Acid Sulfate Soil investigations and management plans

Hydrogeology & Hydrology

  • Local Water Management Strategies and Urban Water Management Plans
  • Water monitoring programs

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